Algae; Your Dog’s Worst Friend?


“Algae Bloom”  Your Dog’s Worst friend

Algae bloom in ponds can be highly toxic to dogs this time of year. Dog retrieving ball in water

An article from Minnesota Pollution Control explains why you should keep your dog out of scummy ponds or shorelines where blue green algae grows.

Hot summer temperatures combined with heavy rainfall washing nutrients into waterways can encourage rampant growth of blue-green algae containing highly toxic bacteria.

“Blue-green algae can be dangerous for your dog. If your pet comes in contact with an algae bloom, wash the algae off thoroughly to keep the pet from swallowing algae while licking its fur.”

Read all about it and see the video here

Algae in a pond

Kuvasz Specialty news

I am remiss in keeping up with this blog! Here’s a short update with more to follow…

Twister x Csello puppies are all doing well in their new homes. I love hearing about their escapades.

The national specialty sponsored by the Kuvasz Club of America was held April 30th in Gray Summit, Missouri at Purina Farms.

Our girl Gypsy Wind Southern Storm (Twister) won Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for a 5 point major under judge Eric Liebes at the specialty. On Sunday, she won winners Bitch again for another 5 point major to finish her championship. She was Reserve Winners Bitch the other two days.

Ch Budagyongye Diamond Rouge (Ruby) was Best of Opposite Sex under Judge J.R. White for another 5 point major toward her grand championship.

We had a great time debuting a couple of untrained puppies. They had a little training prior to going, but it wasn’t enough. lol They were more interested in having fun than performing for a crowd.  But puppies are meant to have fun. The winning comes later!

Blood Disorder Could Be Triggered by Too Many Vaccines

Informative article on IMT by Dr. Karen Becker:

“Immune-mediated thrombocytopenia (IMT) is a very serious autoimmune disease in which a dog’s body attacks its own blood platelets as though they are a pathogenic bacteria or virus. Thrombocytopenia is the technical word for low platelet count.

It’s the opinion of most holistic veterinarians that the vast majority of immune-mediated diseases, including IMT, are triggered or exacerbated by vaccines, particularly bactrins (vaccines against bacterial organisms, such as the leptospirosis and lyme vaccines), as well as killed vaccines (rabies vaccine).”

Read the entire article on Dr. Karen Becker’s great website.