Kuvasz Training

The Kuvasz, being a descendant of the wolf, will relate to its role in the human pack. It is very capable of taking advantage of a non-assertive owner. However, dominance does not mean physical dominance. Dominance over a dog is an attitude, a demeanor that says you are in charge.

The Kuvasz is very sensitive to praise and to blame. He must be handled fairly, but firmly. While he is still a puppy, he must learn that his role is to follow, not to lead. Never use excessive physical force. Your “Yes” must mean yes, and your “No!” must mean no.

If you are unsure of your ability to be firm AND fair, the Kuvasz is not the right dog for you.

Genetics and socialization will play their part in your puppy’s temperament. Hopefully, the breeder you choose will have done his or her part to produce a good foundation for the puppy’s temperament.

Handling & Socialization

One of the keys to a successful life with a Kuvasz is socialization. This point cannot be stressed enough. A well-socialized Kuvasz learns that not everything is a threat. This gives the dog more self-confidence and helps him to recognize a genuine threat if it occurs. The dog can then act accordingly.

Early socialization can begin with friends, family and local puppy class. Later, socialization can include the park; school play grounds; shopping centers; etc. You should always handle the Kuvasz puppy patiently and gently.

The Kuvasz is highly intelligent and independent. It is a breed selectively bred to think and act on its own. The Kuvasz will quickly learn anything it finds beneficial. He will want to please his owner in most instances, but will not perform automatically and unthinkingly, as do some other breeds.

They become bored by repetition. Keep training sessions short and fun with lots of praise. They are very sensitive. Heavy-handed training with a lot of collar corrections will ruin the Kuvasz.

Be consistent, be patient and praise, praise, praise!

Beware of breeders who have so many litters that they cannot possibly spend personal quality time with individual puppies. It might mean that you have to wait for a puppy from a breeder whose interest lies in quality versus quantity, but the wait will be well worth it!

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