Kuvasz Temperament

The Kuvasz is not the dog for everyone. It is not a relationship to be entered into lightly.

If you are willing to make the commitment for early socialization and training, it can be the relationship of a lifetime.

They are a large, sturdy, powerful animal with strong protective instincts. They are fiercely loyal and extremely intelligent. They will protect their loved ones even if it means to sacrifice their own life to do it.

The Kuvasz is extremely loyal and ownership should be considered a life long commitment. They are slow to mature. Full maturity may not be achieved until three years old. Females mature more quickly than males but there is not much difference between the male and female in temperament. The males tend to be a little more mellow as adults, but can be a little more difficult during adolescence.

Their intelligence differs from other breeds of dogs. Dogs like the Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, etc., were bred to work with, and take instruction from, man. Breeds like the Kuvasz were bred to work independently of man and can therefore make decisions on their own.

If you are attracted to this breed purely because they are “pretty,” you, and the breed, would be better served if you obtained a different breed of dog. They are not overgrown, very white, easy-going Golden Retrievers and don’t behave like one either.

The Kuvasz has a unique sense of humor and will most likely begin entertaining you from the day you take him home. They are very affectionate and willing to please their families. They are by nature suspicious of anything unfamiliar. A great deal of socializing in their first year is very important to teach the dog that not everyone is a threat. This does NOT hurt the dog’s guarding instinct, but serves to enhance it.

A Kuvasz with correct temperament will only apply the necessary amount of force. He/she will posture, bark, growl, then escalate to a sort of charge, then retreat. Most anyone faced with a large breed dog with such a display will decided they do not want to tangle with the dog. This is where the Kuvasz excels over many other breeds. They are happy about that. They lack the chase/prey drive of some other breeds and are perfectly happy to see the intruder (animal or human) depart.

The AKC standard for the breed says they will sacrifice their lives to protect their loved ones. Their guarding instinct comes from an over-developed maternal instinct – they would most definitely sacrifice themselves if necessary!

The Kuvasz is a working dog and therefore has an inherent need to have a job to do. He has worked for centuries as a guardian; protecting sheep, goat, and horse herds from predators, thieves, and other dangers. This natural guarding instinct will serve to protect his human family, his territory and other animals.

The dog cannot be expected to guard his family if he does not form a strong attachment to them. He cannot realize his full potential if just left out in a kennel or backyard. He is not a dog to be chained or allowed to run loose. He is happiest when included in household and family activities.

A properly socialized Kuvasz can be included in family gatherings with company, or out on public excursions amidst strangers without worry. He will react fearlessly to any real threats to you and your family, but can also be a social magnet for people who want to pet him. They are capable of being gentle with a baby, or they can rough house when playing with an older child or adult.

A Kuvasz with a correct temperament will take a special interest in children. But babies and toddlers do not smell, move, or look like regular people to a dog. NEVER leave a baby alone with a dog of ANY breed or any size!

Double Ring puppies are temperament tested at seven weeks old. We want to match our puppies as carefully and accurately as possible to compatible homes.

Niko guarding Anthony 2004 (Iris Gutberlet)

Niki guarding his human baby, Anthony!

Dutiful Niki guarding his human baby, Anthony!


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