Kuvasz, The Right Breed For You?

To summarize the traits so characteristic of the breed that are so valued by its many fanciers:

The Kuvasz is a watchful, protective breed. He is large and powerful and needs lots of exercise.

The Kuvasz takes life and responsibility serious, and may not be happy-go-lucky with everyone. He will charm those he loves with cleverness.

He is hardy and tough but will not forgive abusive treatment.

The Kuvasz will be protective of any thing he considers his own.

He may not tolerate unfamiliar dogs in his territory.

He needs obedience training, socialization, and discipline from an early age.

With the Kuvasz, you have to willing to tolerate a LOT of hair and shedding in the home; often on your black trousers just as you are running out the door late for work or an important appointment!  But you will also like the compliments you will get from everyone, just about everywhere you go, about the incredible beauty of your dog.

The Kuvasz will thrive on attention and will reward you many times over with unconditional love and loyalty, and will protect you, and your family, courageously.

The relationship with a Kuvasz is much different from many other breeds. He will feel just as responsible for you as you do for him.

The Kuvasz is extremely intelligent, active, and territorial. His life is centered on his owners.

If it is the right dog for you, a Kuvasz is one of the most exciting breeds to own. But it is a demanding breed and ownership should not be approached casually. Consider your personality, your interests, the time you have to spend with your dog, and the kind of dogs you have enjoyed owning in the past. How does the Kuvasz compare?

If you are interested in an athletic, intelligent, protective dog that will be devoted to you and your family alone, a Kuvasz may be an excellent choice.

If you are willing to invest time in training, exercising, and sharing family activities with your dog, a Kuvasz may be an excellent choice.

Conversely, if you want a dog to happily accept anyone unannounced into your home, if you want a high-scoring obedience dog to earn advanced titles without trying your patience or questioning your authority, you will not be happy with a Kuvasz.

If you are not physically capable to restrain over 100 pounds of dog that has suddenly decided to give chase, consider a smaller breed.

If the Kuvasz is your kind of dog, all the time and trouble you invest in the early stages of your puppy’s life will pay big dividends. The mature Kuvasz companion is a lifelong friend.


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