Kuvasz Care

boThe Kuvasz is a hardy breed and often prefers the coldest weather. In warm weather, he will always seek the coolest spot— whether that is laying on the top of an air conditioner vent, or in a damp depression in the soil.

The Kuvasz almost always enjoys spending time outdoors. Proper shelter should be provided for summer and winter. The breed must have cool shade and protection from the heat. Air conditioning is practically a must in warm climates. This is one breed of dog that is built for rugged climates and suffers greatly in heat and humidity.

Care of the Coat

The Kuvasz has a marvelous coat that adapts to a wide range of climates and seasons. It repels dirt and water and does not require clipping. All that is needed to maintain the coat and healthy appearance is a regular brushing, periodic check of teeth, eyes, ears and regular trimming of the nails.

The Kuvasz will shed all year long with heavier shedding seasonally. The coat should never be sheared as it inhibits the natural cooling mechanisms of the dog.

A healthy Kuvasz does not have an odor. Never bathe a Kuvasz unless you have removed all the tangles and loose undercoat first, otherwise it will mat into the coat and be even harder to get out.



kuvaz-care-tilla-pupThe adult Kuvasz requires ample, regular and strenuous exercise.

A fenced yard is a MUST for the Kuvasz. He must never be chained or allowed to roam free. Our puppy instructions explain in details what type of exercise your puppy requires at the various stages of its growth from puppy to adulthood.


There is considerable controversy regarding nutrition in dogs. Unfortunately, sometimes the worst source of nutritional information is your veterinarian. It is only recently that vet schools have even begun to offer courses on nutrition, and in some instances, they are not required. Your vet often knows only what the dog food salesman has pitched to him or her to sell their product and that “information” is often based on skewed research funded by the dog food manufacturers.

To see independent research and reviews about all the various dog food brands, see our links page here under our Foods & Feeding section. Sites like Dog Food Scoop and Dog Food Analysis have helpful guides and ratings on commercial dog foods.

Dr. Karen Becker at Healthy Pets at Mercola.com is a huge advocate of holistic natural feeding and has a vast collection of articles and videos on the subject.

For more general info on feeding dogs a RAW diet, check out the list groups at Yahoo. To join the Kuvasz Raw List go to Yahoo Groups and do a search for RawFedKuvasz


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